If your journey has led you here today, to this moment, to this website, then you are likely considering therapy for yourself, your marriage, your child or your family. We are glad you are here.

You may be considering a course of therapy for a number of reasons. Sometimes we feel lost and can benefit from a professional helping us to find our way back to the path of our life. Sometimes we know exactly where we are, but need to change course. Sometimes our most precious relationships get stuck in destructive cycles of anger, withdrawal and deep pain and we become people we hardly recognize. Sometimes we are just tired, and need a moment to rest and re-evaluate our direction.

Therapy can help you find your way, change your course, restore your relationships and bring rest and peace. Whatever your reason for being here today, we hope that we can be of use to you. Jordan and I specialize in couples counseling, marriage enrichment, parenting, intimacy issues, anxiety and depression. It is our mission that our time together might bring peace, insight and well-being into your life and relationships.


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