One of my favorite quotes used to be an ancient Turkish proverb that says: "No matter how far you have gone on the wrong road, turn back." While I still appreciate the sentiment of these words, I'm less sure of their truth. In my years as a therapist and a human I realize that much more significant than the road, is the traveler. Perhaps you - the traveler - feel as though you are walking in circles and want to see the path more clearly. Perhaps you are struggling to get past a boulder and need some tools. Maybe you are tired and need a moment to rest and re-evaluate your direction. If you are here today, in this moment, at this webpage, then you are likely considering therapy for yourself, your marriage, your child or your family. This is the hardest part. Saying "I might need a little help on this part of the road" takes great courage. Take a look around the site. My hope is that La Canada Family Therapy can be a place where you find support, rest, growth and strength for the rest of your journey.

Jordan and I specialize in couples counseling, marriage enrichment, parenting, intimacy issues, anxiety and depression. It is our misison that our time together might bring peace, insight and well-being into your life and relationships.

Perhaps this is where our journey together begins,


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