La Canada Family Therapy

La Canada Family Therapy was  founded with the goal to help individuals, couples and families find a greater sense of peace and empowerment in their lives.

We seek to provide you space - both physically and psychologically - that feels safe and accepting so that you might invite us to journey with you into the sacred, beautiful, painful and fearful places. With compassion, understanding, encouragement, information, insight, and theory-based practice we will support you in the journey through and emergence from pain and fear into the truth that you are loved, safe and empowered.

Our therapists practice a type of therapy called Restoration Therapy.  This theory combines the advantages of Attachment Theory, Emotional Regulation and Mindfulness in an efficient and organized fashion that allows therapist and client to uncover old destructive patterns of behavior and promote change.

One of the main advantages of Restoration Therapy is that the approach provides the client with a clear understanding of the ways early violations of love and trustworthiness developed into problems of identity and safety. As the therapist makes these identity and safety patterns known, clients can be helped by making more thoughtful and informed choices about personal beliefs about self and relationships resulting in long lasting behavior change.

Stephenie Lievense

M.S., LMFT (Lic.# 89458)

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Stephenie is a Level II Certified Restoration Therapist and Supervisor. She is the founder and director of La Canada Family Therapy where she sees clients, supervises associates and leads consultation groups for other therapists.

Stephenie is also an adjunct professor at Fuller Theological Seminary School of Psychology where she supervises students and teaches Child and Family Development.

Jordan Kassel


M.S., AMFT 108428
Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

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I love what I do, and I deeply believe in the power of this work. I’ve seen it alter the lives of many, including my own. My job is not to change people, but to offer people a space where change can take place. Together we will walk through the messiness and hardships of life to foster hope, insight, and lasting changes that heal.

I am a Level-2 Restoration Therapist with specialized training in family therapy, couples therapy, adolescent and emerging adult treatment, parent coaching, stress management, depression, anxiety, substance use and trauma-focused treatment. Additionally, I am a certified facilitator of Prepare & Enrich relational assessment tools.